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Discussion in 'Competition' started by Dacil, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Dacil

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    This thread is open to players looking for a clan. Here's a questionnaire to get you started, and should be the minimum you provide. You can add any further information if you wish.

    Age: Your age.
    Region: Country or West, Central, East Coast (USA)
    Experience: Any past experience with Legions/Tribes
    Clan Experience: Any past experience with being part of a clan (expand on what you liked, disliked, what didn't work for you in the clan...if you feel it's important)
    Communication/Mic: Do you have TS or Vent and a microphone
    Gametypes: Do you play CTF or DM or both (and which do you prefer)
    **PUG/PUB: Do you participate in PUGs or PUBs or both (and which do you prefer)
    CTF Position: What is your favorite or preferred position to play in CTF
    What I'm looking for in a clan: What are you looking for in your ideal clan.

    ** Don't know what a PUG/PUB is? APC answers this question here
    Have a suggestion for more "minimum" information questions!? Private message me

    That's just to get you started and give you things to think about. You can add more if you want, but I would say it'd be a good idea to fill all of those questions out first. Good luck to everyone! :)
  2. masterluso

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    Sure why not.
    1. 14 (don't judge me)
    2. Played the original Tribes an hour or so if that amounts to anything, Legions ~6 months
    3. Was in a small clan for awhile, we never did anything
    4. Neither. My mom would think I was crazy, talking to a computer.
    5. Will play whatever.... I prefer CTF
    6. Whats?
    7. Capper. I can chase too. Or LO. I suck as a Sent, or just trying to defend... I always end up leaving the falg...
    8. Idk.... whatever....
    Playing from America, Eastern time zone, if anyone cares
  3. ikke2902

    ikke2902 Member

    1. 19
    2. I am a pro with the rocket specialist, I can do midair for 95%
    I doubt that I can do that again, since the last game is a year ago.
    3. I was leader of the part rocketspecialist. My task is to train rocketspecialist for our clan
    4. I had ventrilo and microphone (my microphone was dropped in my cola -.- )
    5. I prefer deathmatch.
    6. What is PUGs or PUBs ?:confused:
    7. Defender or support like backup to keep the flag
    8. A clan that cares about the skills of every player. I mean, it would be nice if a clan introduce a training program ;)

  4. Now with (maybe?) Team EXODUS

    1. 14 (but fairly mature)
    2. 5hrs of tribes, and a lot of legions..(1.5ish years? its been a while :/)
    3. not really, but i'm fairly busy with school so ideally not a huge time commitment (don't want to let anyone down)
    4. Either works
    5. CTF.. I'm terrible at DM
    6. i've done both only one PUG but i really enjoyed it.. i would like to have a team with real communication though.
    7. Chaser, Sniper, the occasional cap route, and distracting the defense..
    8. Fun place to play matches, improve, and meet people.. hopefully not a huge time commitment, (more than like 3 hrs a week or something)

    I'm in California BTW..
  5. Xeon_Wraith

    Xeon_Wraith New Member

    1. 14, Great to see theres decently mature people around my age for once.
    2. Legions, An few months before IA came offline though.
    3. Not really.
    4. Neither.
    5. CTF, in the short time i was on.
    6. PUBs Mainly.
    7. Capper/Attacker , always looking for more routes.
    8. Teamplay , an friendly and helpful environment. No messing around just to annoy other players, yet still able to have fun with players around.
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  6. Jazcash

    Jazcash Member

    Age: 17
    Experience: Played Legions for a good amount of time and made two sets of HUDs for it
    Clan: Can't remember what clan it was but I think it was pretty good, just can't seem to remember its name...
    Communication: Got TS3 and Vent, prefer TS3 though
    Gametypes: Deathmatch and Flag are both good with me
    PUB/PUG: Not had much PUG experience but again, both are cool with me
    CTF Position: Offensive but I don't mind alternating if there's better cap'rs than me
    What I'm looking for in a clan: Females?
  7. BeefThief

    BeefThief Beefy Member

    Age: 18
    Region: USA, East Coast
    Experience: I've played Legions since the last wave of closed beta (however, I wouldn't really consider myself that good).
    Clan Experience: I started my own clan a while back that didn't stick around too long and we didn't play any competitive matches. I was in morna's Hoplites clan for a while, and then I switched to Via Victus. I played a lot more competitive matches with them and I felt like I learned a lot. Plus, they aren't that hardcore and are just really great to hang out and chat with.
    Communication: I have both TS3 and Vent.
    Gametypes: I prefer CTF.
    PUG/PUB: I have played in some pickups, but not too many. I am familiar with team gameplay thanks to the scrims I played in with vV.
    CTF Position: In pickups, I've played LO and LD quite often and I think I capped once. But I'd say I'm a much better HoF. I'd gladly take either a LD or HoF position.
    What I'm looking for in a clan: Friendly, mature, easy-going, slightly competitive.

    Note: If Via Victus switches back to Legions, I'd love to stick with them, as long as they're fine with me rejoining. If not, then here's my application.

    Edit #1: Added region.
  8. Age: 19
    Region: Syria
    Experience: Since early 2009
    Clan Experience: didn't join until I was offered to get in one at IA, a month before the maintenance
    Communication: non because my internet connection not that strong for them
    Gametypes: I've played CTF because I liked it more
    PUG/PUB: Never PUGs but PUBs all the time because it had like 16 vs 16 players i like the game to have lots of players :D
    CTF Position: I'm a good capper i'm usually the best in every pub server and a good chaser
    What I'm looking for in a clan: I'm looking for people who are mature and could plan against the enemy's game play and don't just play and talk with stupidity
  9. Hotel Soap

    Hotel Soap New Member

    Age: 15.
    Experience: 2 years of legions
    Clan Experience: A little. Just not enough active people that cared.
    Communication: Ts and mike
    Gametypes: CTF
    PUG/PUB: Both and PUGs. Average amount.(on different accounts if you don't recognize me)
    CTF Position: Chaser. Played a bit of HOF.
    What I'm looking for in a clan: People that have fun, but know when to hunker down and be serious. I hate losing matches because of someone being a dumbass.

  10. Siper

    Siper Private Tester

    Age: 18
    Region: Arizona, USA
    Experience: LO/LD - Might want to get deep into CAP considering where the server is located and ping.
    Clan Experience: ZETA
    Communication: Both TS and Vent
    Gametypes: CTF and.. DM if anyone really actually wants to play that :p
    PUG/PUB: Both. but.. I prefer, Pick Up Games Of course!
    CTF Position: LO is what I like, but like I mentioned before, capping my be my thing now depending on ping.
    What I'm looking for in a clan: Active players willing to take me in!

    Many ways to contact me:
    add me to steam - DarkSiper
    MSN -
    Legions IRC
    PM on these forums - Im pretty sure its possible haven't figured it out heh..

    Or just reply to this thread if that's allowed.
  11. Chi-Ro

    Chi-Ro Private Tester

    Hey, can we change "Communication: Do you have TS or Vent" to "Communication: Do you have TS or Vent, and a microphone"

    I've pointed out the need for questioning people about having a mic both times this thread was posted before, but it never seems to make it through to the topic starter. So PLEASE, add this... :rolleyes:
  12. Lunaris

    Lunaris Member

    Where do you live?
  13. Dacil

    Dacil Member

    someone else asked's implied, why the hell would someone have TS3 or vent without a mic, that'd be super pointless, but I guess there are people who do pointless things out there

    P.S.- last change I'm making, have a suggestion PRIVATE MESSAGE ME
  14. Dimitryy

    Dimitryy Member

    you can listen to your teammates even if you dont get y micro jet, and many ppl do it.

    ikke is fro netherlands (i guess)
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  15. ikke2902

    ikke2902 Member

    I live in The Netherland
    Quite close to England
  16. MightySheep

    MightySheep Member

    Actually, I have TS and Vent and a few microphones but my pc doesn't recognise any capture devices for some reason
  17. Chi-Ro

    Chi-Ro Private Tester

    On a side note, BeefThief and DarkSiper are have both asked about joining vV and will be welcome with open arms unless they chose otherwise. So they both may potentially be off the market.
  18. Dacil

    Dacil Member

    well, the point of putting up a general form about yourself is sort of like a job resume if you think about it...when recruiters and leaders of a clan need members, these forms help them decide on who to further question and get to know better, and they may even invite them to participate in their practices or some clans have a specific "try out" session to test their skills (like coming in for a job interview when an employer chooses your resume)...hope that helps visualize the purpose of the questionnaires better!

    like near Amsterdam and such!?
  19. BeefThief

    BeefThief Beefy Member

    Many thanks, Sir Chi-Ro!
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  20. OmniNept

    OmniNept Actionaut

    Age: 25
    Region: Canada
    Experience: Minimal experience. I mostly cap.
    Clan Experience: I have been in some clans before. Mostly I like listening to instructions and working as a team. I'm a good listener.
    Communication/Mic: Yes, I have both, though I'm often embarrassed to use them. I'm quite shy.
    Gametypes: I mostly like CTF. I enjoy learning new capping routes and running away from confrontation.
    **PUG/PUB: I enjoy the company of the Legions Vet community - those people to whom I look for gameplay and moral guidance - so mostly pugs, I'd say.
    CTF Position: Capper. Sometimes I HoF.
    What I'm looking for in a clan: A team composed of players previously active in the Tribes community. I feel that these players will definitely be the best at everything in-game (or irl), and will be polite, understanding, and open to suggestions. They will also cope well with obstacles. The Tribes community has impressed me in the past, and I hope to gain entrance into its elite echelons by making my way in this related game (which is, and never could be, as good as Tribes 2. Or Tribes 1, if you preferred Tribes 1.)
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