phanakapan is back!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by phanakapan, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. phanakapan

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    What's going on in here?
  2. DeadPixel

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    OMG It's phanapakan. Man MJ will be Proud to see you. This is the update.
    The last site ran by Crash (Ian Tornhey) closed because of funding and other issues. Some members of the community decided to keep the fire burning and legions is now a Stand alone client that you can play!
  3. Daphinicus

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    Legions is what's known as an FPS+Z game: a first-person shooter in which you can move freely along the "Z" axis (vertically). Like a lot of other multiplayer FPS games, you can choose your loadouts from a selection of different weapons and armors when you start, and each of those loadouts give you different benefits -- generally, heavier armors have less mobility, but are tougher to hit and can use more weapons, and each of the weapons fill different niches, or roles.

    It's really the "+Z" element of the "FPS+Z" that makes Legions fairly unique. It allows users to move at almost unparalleled speeds, fly through the air, and "ski" down hills and up slopes to accelerate to well over 100 miles per hour with ease, on large, outdoor maps with rolling hills and towering structures.

    It's the sort of game that really needs to be played to be understood, but it has a fairly steep learning curve. Don't worry if you die a lot at first, and don't be afraid to ask for help! The community is full of people that would be more than happy to lend you a hand.

    [Edit: Gosh darnit, are you old school? I just went through that whole thing for nothing, didn't I? Grumble grumble. =)]
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    I just read all of the above post, and I'm now officially rolling on the floor laughing :)
  5. Daphinicus

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    I hate you, I hate you, I hate you all with a smoldering rage like unto the deepest, magma-filled pits of the Earth.

    I thought Phan's name looked familiar.

    [Edit: And hey, HEY! That was NOT the original title of the thread! It USED to be "What is Legions?" for goodness sakes!]
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    Well, he got you good!
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    hay phannypants \o/
  8. Disci

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    Ahahahaahh, phan's been around over 12 years already. :cool:

    Hi phanakapan really good to see you!
  9. Daphinicus

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    I'm so bad -- SO bad -- with names. I don't recognize anyone until I see them in-game. Then I'm all, "Oh, yeah, you! I've played with you! You're... you're THAT guy!"
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    Lol ohai Phan
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    Holy hell, Phan what's up bro? Been missin you ragin at nubs.

    Glad to see you returned.
  12. Deskari

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    Actually the Z element in Tribes and Legions is limited in comparison to games like Descent and Shattered Horizon. It is not the Z element that makes them unique, but rather the combination of the jet packs and the skiing. Also, don't worry about Phanakapan, hes not afraid to die, he does it alot. Plus, this is a game that happens to reward dying.

    On another note, check out this awesome video!!!

    Underpowered My Ass!!! LOLOLOL
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    Ah, The King has returned. All hail Phana!
  14. Daphinicus

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    Fair point, although I wouldn't call Descent an FPS. Still, I should have clarified.
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    But I do like the music.
  16. phanakapan

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    man I wish the old sniper mechanics would come back. nerf the damage all to hell, but let me OD snipe again :(
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    Fan of Cappin. ;)
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    Phanakapansy heart heart heart
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    Hey cutie, how come you never called?