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  1. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    Or you could just keep both of them installed? When going around places, everyone has used all three of them, so its a good idea to keep all three installed on your system.
  2. TheDudeWithTude

    TheDudeWithTude New Member

    Yeah, but having two pieces of software for the exact same purpose is retarded.
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  3. Freeman

    Freeman RAYTANG

    mmm not really. I have both. I also use both.

    I use ventrilo to talk to them via victus players, and use team speak for the rest of the community.
  4. anak

    anak VIP

    you keep both because you're a part of communities on both programs, not because you want to be redundant.
  5. DeadGuy

    DeadGuy Legions Developer

    requested bump
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  6. Shade

    Shade Private Tester

    Request sticky, so new players don't have to dig for the thread.
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  7. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore Flatulent Cherub

    Your wish is Seymour's command! Stickied.
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  8. Maxboyzzz

    Maxboyzzz Member

    I dont Know
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  9. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore Flatulent Cherub

    Yar, download link is on their front page, check it out! There's nothing quite as angelic as Seymour's soothing voice.
  10. Freeman

    Freeman RAYTANG

    When he decides to grace us with his presence.
  11. Vinzyboy23

    Vinzyboy23 Member

    curse you bolding something.
  12. Libra

    Libra Member

    how do i talk to ppl in game where do i go for tht
  13. Click me

    Click me New Member

    I dnt know how to use TS3:oops:

    maxboyzzz i remember u since i played legions in
  14. WhiteHawk

    WhiteHawk Member

    First of you you guys need a heead set if not at least earphones( I forget what there called) if your on teamspeak and need help just look for whitehawk I can answer any teamspeak questions you guys have. Also hen you add the teamspeak adress to teamspeak you want to bookmark it witch there is a tab for that on the top middle
    e left of your teamspeak also as nickname put your in game name for legions.if I see you guys ill help you out just ask or poke by right clicking on a players name and left click poke and then you right what you want to say.
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  15. Immanent

    Immanent Member

    Webcams will serve as mics
  16. tman2010001

    tman2010001 Member

    How do use this thing?
  17. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    Download TeamSpeak 3

    Start TS3, click Connect at the top, enter for the server address. Put whatever you want as your nickname.

    Configure your voice settings in Settings>>>Options>>>Playback and Capture tabs.

    Enjoy a vast land of emptiness and password-protected rooms.
  18. Click me

    Click me New Member

    Thank you very much WhiteHawk:)
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  19. Freeman

    Freeman RAYTANG

    just in case you dont know, you want the client one.

    Jordedit: The link is working again, so I deleted all the confusing posts. Also way2go Fixious!
  20. WhiteHawk

    WhiteHawk Member

    Always happy to help ¢(°o°)¢