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Discussion in 'Modifications' started by Lcam, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Lcam

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    I experimented with different options:
    -Change the main menu
    -Add music
    -Change Loading, the bar that shows how much has loaded, now a character that flies

    Main Menu Changed.jpg Loading Imagen.jpg

    Here is the link of the song:

    By: Lcam
  2. NightHawk043

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    you may want to go over your enlarged outrider and smooth out the pixelation a bit, or see if you can find a higher res image of it, and also retype the text yourself so it doesn't look pixelated as well.
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  3. Lcam

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    the problem are not in the images (all these are the HD), the problem is on the agenda that distorts the images while charging!
    If you shanks in the original picture is distorted

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  4. Vox

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    how do you even do this? lol
  5. Lcam

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    Well the pictures in the main menus is so easy:
    If you follow this Legions Overdrive\live\client\gui\images\menus, there you see the images only I change it and ready....
    The song, when you run legions, legions program follow tip of instructions, I only put there to run my song and they do it.
    Loading, the bar that shows how much has loaded, now a character that flies, that is hard to explain, I change allot of ting to do it!

    Lol that explain your question xD?
  6. Vox

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    yeah i just wanted to change the images lol thanks
  7. Chi-Ro

    Chi-Ro Private Tester

    Stumbled upon these images myself while I was working on a custom clan HUD so I edited them up too. Here's the base images I ended up with (I also changed the buttons to match but I'm too lazy to screenshot the whole thing).

    (This one is my personal menu, the clan menu has the clan logo rather than my own in it.)

    (Epic loading screen I made to match the dark yellow theme.)

    The HUD overhaul project is still a work in progress, as are these images, but it's a start.
  8. Shanks

    Shanks Private Tester

    If you do what?
  9. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

  10. U8er

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    Where do you place the music file in order for it to play in the main menu?
  11. MJ1284

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    Very nice! These little additions will no doubt make game visually more appealing.

    I could provide intro video, assuming it's possible to make it play when clicking "PLAY" on Legions Launcher AND it's possible to skip it when pressing any key. I have alternative version of "Legions: Overdrive - Reborn" sitting on my hard-drive (ie. no titles nor THE END text) that could do the trick.

    If someone finds out if it's possible to implement "intro" to Legions, feel free to contact me and I'll send the video.
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  12. A2

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    I just saw this post, and I lol'd.
  13. PuppyGuard

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    I followed your instructions Lcam. But as soon as the L:O window opens it goes straight to this:
  14. Synista

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    Preferably, Legions is a epic game, therefor the music should be more EPIC, for example...

    ^ Or...Take your pick out of a mix and download it.

    Yes.... AfroCarribeans do listen to 'crap' or beautiful music like this :D
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  15. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

    requesting download link for those backgrounds!
  16. Lcam

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    Well here is the picture in normal u can clik on it. And there Save Picture As....
    Also, I am so sorry guys if I dont anwser the questions ore stuff because I have little problems in my family, to sith down in my laptop and start making a suggestion, questions ore stuff...
    PuppGuard I am so sorry for dont anwser you but I dont have time... I will help you when I will have some time...

    LO in Blue.jpg
    See you, L.C.A.M.

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  17. Someone should change this to a Legions: Overdrive pic!

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  18. PuppyGuard

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    I already have it as my loading screen.
  19. Changed to say "Legions: Overdrive"? Or at least, just "Legions"?
  20. PuppyGuard

    PuppyGuard Member

    I like it the way it is:)
    Todd makes great art.