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    Recently I started a business called 'Neon' with a few mates, the plan was, to provide a high quality sound and lighting without the 'bomb' price. We go to a lot of parties and we just get really moody when the host cares more about the food at the party than the main attraction, entertainment.

    Just something I wanted to share with you guys since our first gig is tonight!​

    EDIT: I am pro at HTML. (LOLJK)​
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  2. what sound and lx you using? equipment wise
  3. Voltage

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    Best of luck with it mate!!!
  4. Dabbleh

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    Kam 1400watt ZP12 and ZP15 speakers.
    Wildzap Strobe 1500watt.
    2 Gemini decks 1 Gemini mixer.

    We started around 2 weeks ago.
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    coolio, best of luck! if ya need HTML or CSS help i'm down although i'm quite busy so it'd be with small things
  6. cool good luck :p if you need advise/ links ect if you want or need to upgrade your kit just say i got loads of links
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    Lol cheers guys.
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    Your page isn't allowing it to like it!
    Fine if you want it like that! :mad:
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    Probably, because you aren't in the UK.