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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Freeman, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Good stuff, I can't wait!
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    worst story ever. They had so many other options for this movie and they messed up.... 4/10

    JCARTEL Private Tester

    Hope it compares to the book.... though I have my doubts :(
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    I have a feeling they are going to ruin it.
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    wow. the ender i had created for myself was a bit buffer and had a little deeper voice :/. this will not do.
  7. Application-1

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    I like how they put the ending in the trailer.
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    I was just gonna post this, looks awesome!

    EDIT: whoops caps not censored.
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    I am so excited.
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    new 300

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  13. Defender

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    Its a shame we don't still fight wars like that any-more.
    I think Man some times needs to fight hand to hand combat, to fell alive.
    Now we just mostly send missiles, drop bombs, use drones, we fight like cowherds.
    The next world war could bring nukes, if that happens I be-leave most of us on the planet will die.
    Who ever remains will be the strongest among us, and will be fighting hand to hand combat or using guns.
    I would be using crossbows too, they give you stealth, guns mostly don't..
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    I would get a nice AR-15 with a scope and a ghille suit and hide in the woods. If DayZ has taught me anything, its that crossbows are useless.
  16. Defender

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    I was just watching a new show last night, that takes place after the government collapsed.
    Almost everyone in the small group, I watched had bows or crossbows, and guns.
    Crossbows, are not vary noisy and don't give off light when fired.

    I just came up with an idea, how about a realmwars crossbow mod for Legions?
    The free game realmwars has the models I can use.
    If I could use the player models, in legions, that would be cool..
    I need to get permission from who ever runs it..
    Crossbows, the modern version, ARE a deadly weapon! Advanrqecements in technology, cranking devices to "cock", optical sights, bolts of ingenious variety for killing [the "arrows" fired from a crossbow are technically referred to as a "bolt"!!], high-tech material for stock, etc. All make for a deadly combination. The recurve variety is the crossbow of choice for the military?

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    "we fight like cowherds." -Defender

    you sir are a genuis.
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