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  1. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    Legions Mini Draft League

    August 15th - September 6th
    If you want to play during a weekday go for it,
    other then that most games will be on weekends.

    The league will be for 3 weeks. Every week a team will play one game against a different team. Its a Best of 3 series.
    Top two teams with the most points at the end of the third week will play against each other to determine a winner.

    The league will be a point system (1 point for a map win)
    If it goes to 3 maps one team will end up with 1 point and the other will end up with 2

    The tournament will be a 8v8 tournament. (2 subs for each team)

    Starting Maps (First map played)
    The first map for both teams is already decided.
    Week 1 - Frostbyte PuG (Not regular Frostbyte)
    Week 2 - Zenith
    Week 3 - Whiteout

    Captains must discuss a few days before the match on what map they want
    if they lose so both teams can get practice on the map.
    Before the map starts the team captains will do a coin flip to decide side.

    For losing team only (Maps decided by captains)
    The losing team after the starting map will then decide on the next map:
    Core (Counter Pick)
    Elegiac (Counter Pick)
    Forgotten (Counter Pick)
    Frostbyte (Counter Pick)
    Gorge (Counter Pick)
    On Throughout the Night (Counter Pick)
    Qualm (Counter Pick)
    Ravine (Counter Pick)

    One sniper per team (can be offensive sniper or defensive sniper)
    One HoF per team.
    Substitute situation:
    You can have a sub only if its someone from your team/roster. You can not use other players from other teams. (If you cant make it on match day talk to your captain in advance)
    No ties on a map. Winner must be determined. If no one can cap in overtime map must be restarted, first one to cap wins.

    Screen shots on each map must be posted for evidence.

    Everything will be updated here:

    Here is a list of the teams:

    1ST PLACE BOYS (and 1 grill)

    Ucan - Captain

    Tyler - Captain

    Doomsify - Captain

    Unicorn Princesses:
    Accel - Captain
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  2. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    Week 1 match ups:

    Goat vs Unicorn Princesses - Sunday August 16th.
    Unicorn Princesses - 2 points
    Goat - 1 point

    1ST PLACE BOYS (and 1 grill) vs BadBoys - Badboys forfeit.
    1ST PLACE BOYS (and 1 grill) - 2 points
    Badboys - 0 points

    Week 2 match ups:

    Badboys vs Goat - Time and Day TBA

    1ST PLACE BOYS (and 1 grill) vs Unicorn Princesses - Time and Day TBA


    Week 3 match ups:

    BadBoys vs Unicorn Princesses - Time and Day TBA

    1ST PLACE BOYS (and 1 grill) vs Goat - Time and Day TBA



    1st/2nd place match up - TBA

    3rd/4th place match up: - TBA
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  3. Xzanth

    Xzanth Legions Developer

    There are 3 weeks of matches but 15th-30th is only 2 weeks (3 week-ends). Do you mean 10th-30th or 15th-4th? (If 15th-4th then why is the start of the matches over 2 weeks away? surely we could start sooner)

    You haven't mentioned how many people per match? e.g. 7v7

    Have you thought the scoring system through completely? What happens if there's a tie? There could even be a 3-way tie for second most points or a 4-way tie for 1st.

    The fact that sides are chosen by coin toss could also be unfair when two of the three mandatory maps, frostbyte and zenith, are quite unbalanced. Why not play a system where you play both sides of a map?
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  4. TylerMarket

    TylerMarket Heisenberg.

    I think they're waiting to start because ucan's 2nd pick is going to be away until that time... I also disagree with the point system and map system but o well
  5. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    Isn't this the whole reason of having subs? I don't get holding up the whole thing for 1 person, we have 39 other people involved.. 1/39 I'd run it sooner before people lose interest.
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  6. TylerMarket

    TylerMarket Heisenberg.

    I agree but i wasn't there when everyone was discussing to know the real reason
  7. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    Updating later.
  8. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    It was agreed by me and Ucan to start August 15th because we want everyone to play. Accel didnt say nothing, Tyler timed out or something. If this is a problem for anyone, let me know in PM.
  9. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    Reason we are not doing "teams play both sides" is because is is a best of 3 map count. What happens if a match goes three maps? That'd take a long time. All captains agreed on this.
  10. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    UPDATED: League will be a 8v8 if thats fine with everyone.
  11. TylerMarket

    TylerMarket Heisenberg.

    First off...it's 3 weeks...so even if we start this weekend there's plenty of time for everyone to get a chance..as well as the championship match..
    Secondly...just because I'm not there doesn't make it ok to make rules and dates without consulting me

    Can't say all because nothing was agreed on when i left...

    In the end i don't care as long as it happens but i disagree with this whole process
  12. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    you didnt let us know you where leaving, or did i miss it? and what do you disagree with?
  13. TylerMarket

    TylerMarket Heisenberg.

    Map selection process and scoring system
  14. Hi!

    Hi! Contributor

    If ya keep dragging this on it wont happen
  15. I was there on ts3 last night tyler, we thought you were actually there since it showed you still being online. The captains along with a couple of devs thought it'd be a good idea to have the scoring this way. A win on a map= 1 point for winning team, losing team picks the map for next one, if they lose again that's the end of it. But, if they win then the other team comes back with their pick of the map. This is better cause each team has a chance to pick their maps.

    The reason this was decided was because if we did points based on caps, then games could be prolonged due to ties.

    Like Team 1 vs Team 2 gets 10-9 first game and then 9-10 second game it would be 19 points for Team 1 and 19 points for Team 2 overall. What happens if they get 5-5 third game?
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  16. Hi!

    Hi! Contributor

    <!-- Start Rant !-->

    For balls sake the scoring is fine it's just the picking maps, we play those maps too often, we have 26, 26 FKING maps and only 5/26 of them are played which are the regulars, Frost, Zenith, Whiteout, WinterMelt, etc. I think that's ridiculous and stupid, we might as well remove the other 21 and leave those 5, should've just done a random picking of the maps but too many people bitch about the other one's being sucky when they haven't even played them or given them a try.

    <!-- End Rant !-->
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  17. ??? We have 10 maps. 3 designated, 7 optionals.
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  18. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    Thank you Prophet for explaining this.

    I understand, but this was agreed by all captains, not just myself.
  19. Doomsify

    Doomsify Member

    No more complaints. Lets all have fun, and see how this goes.
  20. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    If we did a random pick of the total map pool it'd likely result in a few stinkers getting picked. Mirage, Blade Run, Outcast, Shoreline, Grassy (why doesn't this still exist?), Stygian, for example. There's no real point in playing these maps in a draft if literally no one plays them at all, neither PUGs or pubs. Some of these maps aren't even ideal for 8s. The 8 maps other than Frost/Zen/Whiteout offer a decent amount of variety. I'm surprised Gorge was even considered.
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