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    2013 Update: This is now an in-game option under Video settings!


    Welcome. Legions Lite is a project of mine aiming to squeeze as many frames per second as I can out of legions. This thread is dedicated to the player that wants Legions to run faster on their computer. You'll be taking a big, big hit in the graphics quality department - but the tradeoff can range from a 15 to 60 frames per second boost. Legions Lite is not finished, changes will constantly be made.

    Preview Legions Lite


    "What is Legions Lite?"
    Legions Lite focuses around the Legions preference file, this file is basic text that legions reads when it is loading up before a match. It controls many graphical settings that are only found here, sound settings, and some control settings. Legions Lite is a copy of that file, completely edited for you so you can simply overwrite your original with it.

    "Hey, I downloaded the file, what do I do with it?"

    First of all, as I said in the introduction - this is completely experimental and unfinished. That means you should back up the original prefs.cs file (not to be confused with the prefs.cs.dso file that is right in the same folder). Simply copy your original prefs.cs file and place it on the desktop or somewhere you'll remember it.

    Now, onto the Legions Lite file! After you've downloaded it, simply move it to the preferences folder within the directory you installed legion. Finding this folder is a hell of a lot easier in this current build of legions. If you're asked to overwrite prefs.cs with prefs.cs say "yes". This is fine, because you backed up the original somewhere you can remember in case something goes wrong.

    "What sort of graphics/effects will I be missing out on?"

    Shadows off, Clouds off, Sky off environment textures minimized, Lighting disabled, environment mapping disabled, foliage disabled, resolution lowered past the minimum, fog effect minimized, and view distance minimized (greatly).

    "Is there anything else I should know?"

    Absolutely, mi amigo. The prefs.cs file I provide for you is missing a few things, namely sound compatibility. Usually your sound card's information is automatically generated in the prefs.cs file when it's created but since you're simply placing my file in your folder, none of your sound card's information will be there. You yourself can enable sound manually with my tutorial below as long as you have your original prefs.cs file laying around.

    Enabling sound
    The following is a tutorial to manually enable sound. You must have your original prefs.cs file around somewhere.
    Earlier in my post, I mentioned the folder that contains the prefs.cs file. Go to that folder and open your prefs.cs file with any standard text editing program.
    ->If you have already downloaded and installed my prefs.cs, please read on.
    ->If you still haven't overwritten your original prefs.cs with my prefs.cs, please read on.

    Take a look at this screenshot.
    Notice the text I highlighted, this is what controls your sound. Find this block of text in the legions lite prefs.cs and delete it. You need to copy this block of text from your original prefs.cs file and paste it into my legions lite prefs.cs. This should enable sound.

    Again, please keep a copy of your original prefs.cs file around in case something goes wrong.

    "Alright, alright! Just give me the file already!"


    Closing Comments

    If you're using Legions Lite, you've probably noticed the HUD and reticles are pretty big and can get in the way. You'll want to find a custom set of HUD/Reticles that are reduced as much as possible.

    If you're interested in manually tweaking the prefs.cs file to your liking (turning only some things off and some things on) then take a look at my basic guide here
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    Oh yah, was gona ask if this was coming back. I need it to run legions on my home comp.
  3. TrainMuncher

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    Thankyou mornoval. Legions lite saved me numerous times whilst on my dodgy laptop. :p
  4. BeefThief

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    Many thanks for reposting.
  5. RedInk

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    Has anyone tested this on a netbook? I have a leftover netbook that I would love to use this on.
  6. IzSid

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    Even though I won't need this anymore, this is definitely the only reason I got into/played legions back over a year ago.

    10 fps with Legions Lite tweaked out ftw.
  7. Hawk

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    With the correct settings this is probably possible.
  8. luiscm97

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    thanks dude
    for this information
  9. theGOAT

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    i have some questions... first of all as the game is being hosted in another page and probably its not going to be browser base will the same things will be available wuldnt some of this prefs change place and will they still work? or it is going to be the same legions files? thanks it was really useful though
  10. luiscm97

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    and will py processor of my notebook will be fine enough or i have to use another computer my processor is an intel atom d.jpg
  11. moronval

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    Why don't you answer me those questions, since you're the greatest of all time.
  12. Alex

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    crappy graphics...high fps...best experience...unlimited hours of ownage...thank you!!
  13. CapnSlaps

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    Im doing this for sure thank you!
  14. kampferdeztodez

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    if i downloaded legions lite would i be able to get back to normal legions if i didn't like lite??
  15. Gheist

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    Of course you could. Either you backed up the orignial files and revert back to vanilla, or you simply redownload them.
  16. Novaz

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    My computer fails... Without Legions Lite it's like 10-15 FPS... With it comes near 30 ha.
  17. stefygraff

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    Legions Lite is efficient! I'm sure that I will use it again! its a good way to have well fps expiration
  18. I really like the fact that you can mod legions so much. It makes it more accessible.
  19. MJ1284

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    If you don't like Lite just replace Legions Lite's "prefs.cs" -file with the original one (that said, ALWAYS keep a copy of your original "prefs.cs" -file somewhere).
  20. shadowdemonx9

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    Oh man legions lite, I remember these days.