Legions 1.40 Pre-Release Video

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  1. WildFire

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    But only if there is a reason to (1.40) and only if they know the reason, which most will not.
  2. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker

    Considering those people check in from time to time (its called lurking, but im sure you knew that) they will see it.
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  3. Pure

    Pure Member

    eu community is dead less than 20 different players play regularly no one is coming back, the only few that i see lurking ar and ound are mj, twisted and coffee addict.
  4. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker

    people dont need to be logged in to lurk...
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  5. HellzHere

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    Yea I lurk these forums now and then, just cant be bothered to login. Only read general discussion,competition and off topic now and then. I guess everyone will come back for a week, if we are lucky 2 weeks max to test the changes and stuff and get bored again.
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  6. Pure

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    So optimistic.
  7. Levi

    Levi Member

    Well if Steam takes over this game will get over crowded super fast
  8. Volt Cruelerz

    Volt Cruelerz Legions Developer

    ... Steam's a distribution system, not a company that would be seizing control of development...
  9. Pure

    Pure Member

    If this game does go on steam what you'll get is an army of llaming new bloods, what you should get are those tribes players that have an idea how
    the game works and what you should do I am not looking forward to legions going on steam. Maybe a balls deep tutorial will fix that problem but how many players do it is an other story.
  10. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker

    thats what we need and are hoping for. A LOT of Tribes guys will hate that this game doesnt have things exactly like tribes and wont wanna play it, its been that way since the beginning.

    I would rather have llaming new bloods that we can teach to get better, or that have no idea how to play, and want to learn to play.
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  11. Maxter

    Maxter Member

    I agree with ContingencyPlan. At this point, I don't think we can be choosers about who should join in. In my opinion, everyone should. The Tribes players you prefer will most likely carry a natural negative attitude towards the game. If people are "fans" of a game, they usually tend to be defensive of that game, this includes bashing on other games with similarities to their beloved game.
  12. Mukhtar

    Mukhtar Member

    I'm not sure how much of a change we will have to face with the release of Legions 2.0 on Steam, but atleast most people will have a fresh start. Everyone will be sorta newbyish, atleast that's what I'm hoping just so the newbloods don't get completely discouraged in their first time playing.

    All the Tribes people I've talked to about legions have all shown a very optimistic and positive attitude, atleast the ones who've participated in comp. Not so sure about the pubbies, never really played much with them to really ask and find out.
  13. Pure

    Pure Member

    Yea I actually made a thread on the tribes forum about legions and every one seem to like it but then HiTards got butthurt and thethread got deleted.
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  14. skinnyman

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    Don't know if this has been talked about or has already been implemented, but in the new legions would there be some sort of Tutorial section on the main menu area, there if possible maybe integrate a way to watch youtube clips (tutorials) on certain sections like Ski, Characters, Cores, weapons, basic rules etc. Should there be any new players instead of posting on the forum and waiting for a response they will immediately be able to stream and watch instructions on how to play the game. That way people also cannot complain about not knowing something or how to play since the tutorial section will be in the main menu. Just a thought =]
  15. k e v i n

    k e v i n Private Tester

    i kind of like this idea, i know when i first started (embarrassing story) i didn't know how to respawn or know why everyone else kept respawning, but for a whole week i didn't know where the ammo boxes were, so i would try and make someone kill me so i could spawn back and get full ammo, and one day i accidentally touched an ammo box and realized my ammo came back:confused:

    to make a long story short, i didn't take any initiative to find out anything about this game, other than what i learned in game...i know if i found some helpful videos in the game menu or somewhere, i would have definitely watched them and learn quicker on how to play this game
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  16. Poponfu

    Poponfu Lead Developer

    Its something being strongly considered for "Legions 2" but not this patch/version at this current time. Hopefully once 1.4 is out we see some guides and tutorials again on the forums for the new stuffs.
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  17. Epiclight858

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    You know what would make an awesome Christmas present?

    This update.

    Hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas!
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  18. Defender

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  19. k e v i n

    k e v i n Private Tester

    well since christmas is already gone, maybe new year= new legions?:p
  20. Epiclight858

    Epiclight858 Member

    Well the blog says, "2-3 weeks", and since the New Year lies on a Monday, it will be exactly two weeks... so it could be a possibility if the devs are doing their best to get it out on the holiday :)
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