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    ok i ll try again later thanks people
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    Super late reply but i will try to update it asap.

    My wife got cancer and i have disconnected myself from the web.

    Email robbzray@gmail.com if ya need me.
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    Hello all, decided to start playing Legions again after a couple years. I'm now using Linux Mint 17 instead of Windows 7 now. I tried to run the latest launcher with wine by itself, no dice. I then tried the PlayOnLinux and replaced the old launcher with the new launcher. It will load, but I am getting issues ranging from completely black terrain and models, the sound and chat not working, no health/energy bar or recital, and just crashing the game in general. Are there some graphics settings I need to configure that aren't included in this thread?
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    Just wanted to add to you guys that mine works somewhat w/Playonlinux. Here's my setup to get an idea.
    Wine version: 1.7.1
    Debian Jessie 64bit
    All display settings in POL are default.

    Current Legions video settings
    Fullscreen: no
    Show FP weapon: no
    Foliage: no
    Lightmaps: yes
    Auto Fullscreen: no
    Bright trails: yes
    Own trails: no
    DTS lighting: no
    Lite: yes

    AMD Radeon 7520m graphics with fglrx driver
    AMD a6 6400m
    HP Pavilion G7

    Some issues with dxdiagn.dll. (see screenshot)
    Crashes sometimes when joining a server
    Updater doesn't give updates, but still shows its complete and lets you play.

    bug.png example.png
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    DirectX 9 is installed, but it seems to prefer the native dlls and not the builtin ones. Will give more info later.

    EDIT: Fixed updater issue by removing my old game folder and do a full update
    EDIT2: Fixed dxdiagn issue by changing quartz.dll, devenum.dll, and dxdiagn.dll to builtin
    EDIT3: *sigh* giving up for now, sending a log and my overrides, progress so far:
    - Video used to be fine, but now i got black objects and i forgot what changes i made that would make that happen
    - Game still crashes sometimes when I join a server. Same if I joined my own.

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    Yeah I know that this is a double post, sorry but there are some good changes here. The graphics are completely good, all settings are set to "yes" (except legions lite of course) and everything looks good. Still trying to fix the joining issue. All I can say for now is just keep trying to join till it finally lets you in.
    - Changed wine version to 1.7.50
    - Changed windows version to Windows 7

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    I'll be writing my own guide on how to get legions setup on linux without the use of the overbloated and rubbish PlayOnLinux. For now, enjoy some lame recorded footage.

    Somehow I don't think I'll be making a montage anytime soon.
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    Good to see someone still working on this, I'm not so linux savvy, but I'll do my best to help out.
    What are your specs and what distro are you using?
  10. WildFire

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    Specs are i5-2500k 8GB and a GTX970. Running crux but this shouldn't be a massive issue as it's a source distro, so as long as you grab wine from upstream you should be able to mimic my setup with some ease.
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    wine version?
  12. WildFire

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    1.9.1 which is the latest. I haven't tried setting up wine-staging either. What distro are you on?
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    Debian Jessie with wine 1.9.2