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    Hey all, glad to see that some form of Mac support has been figured out. I'm having trouble getting it to work though. I am running OS X 10.6.8 on a 2010 13" Macbook Pro (Intel). I downloaded PlayOnMac and installed Legions. I read somewhere that the Live version is what I should be running, but when I try to it downloads an update (which seems to take at least a half hour to update each time) says "installing" but has no progress bar, and the "Play" button goes from grayed-out to clickable. I've waited for between 5-10 minutes to see if the "installing" message would leave, it hasn't. When I click "Play" it tells me "file not found." I seem to be able to run the public test just fine, but there are no games to join and the client crashes after a few minutes. Any idea what would cause this?
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    I have a feeling this Mac workaround needs to be updated with the new launcher...
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    New launcher is coded with Qt, so THE LAUNCHER WILL (NOT THE GAME) run native on Mac. (just got to get GReaper to compile a Mac version.)
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    I researched Zorin and compatiblity issue with my script and since Zorin uses Compiz graphical effects layer which bugs out and crashes some wine/directx programs in my script it must be shut off to use my script. You can shut it off by...

    1. Downloading Compiz-config-settings-manager and shut off compiz.
    In an open terminal type...
    sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
    2. When you login to your desktop, login into a "No-Effects" version of your desktop. An example here...


    3. Add a start up command to shut off compiz at the start.... (as shown here)

    In an open terminal type...

    Hopefully this helps, But I will continue doing research for more conflicts in Zorin.

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    No need to unless you want, I run w7 on my laptop too...;)
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    Reguardless someone might need help with it, So I must go on!
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    I the the Direct x problem but how can i fix it if I'm running through PlayOnMac?
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    It's currently updating for me right now(mac). If this works I will <3 you forever. I played Legions: Fallen Empire years before and just found out it still exists :D
  10. IPainz

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    I've had only 1 problem so far.. and it's that every time I try to change the name from player to something else the game crashes. I'd greatly appreciate it if you can fix it :D Otherwise GREAT job with the mac client
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    A possible work-around is to navigate to Legions/game/legions/preferences and open prefs.cs. Scroll down till you find this line:

    $Pref::Player::Name = "Player";
    Change Player to whatever you want your name to be, and save it. May or may not work, haven't messed with the Mac or Linux builds.
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    Hello all, I'd just like to say that I am not the best at modifying and replacing information on a mac, so where exactly would I place/what should I do with the new launcher patch that Fixious linked in the above post? Also, I am suffering from the same issue that Kayar listed above, so any suggestions for that issue as well?
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    I just installed the game using PlayOnLinux however as Fixious mentioned the current version installed does prompt for user/pass and I can't find a way to register.
    Support for making the upgrade to the new version is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  15. lbaile200

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    Just download the .exe posted above, and move it to the .pol directory. For me I had to move it to /home/user/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Legions/ and run it using that same wineprefix.

    For me, the command was something like: WINEPREFIX=~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Legions/ wine ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Legions/drive_c/Legions\ Overdrive/Legions/launcher.exe
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    I had trouble using this method on my mac, can someone please give more detailed instructions on how to update to the new launcher that doesn't require account info on a mac?
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    When i start legions i cannot sign in can anybody help me with this? (I'm on mac)
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    Hi all !

    i just registered for legions overdrive and i got a statskey.cs file,
    they say it goes in mods/autoexec/ i'm running the game on playonmac with a mac book mountain lion
    and i can't find this directory …

    somebody knows something ?
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    Sorry we are currently in closed vets stages of development.
  20. Fixious

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    Unfortunately stats are disabled at the moment, so you aren't really missing much.