Keybinds and Voicepacks restored to default (after new patch)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Royalty, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

    Popped into TribesANZ server this afternoon, all of my keybinds were reset, and voicepacks deleted from the game folder.

    All fixed now, just wanted to report the issue.
  2. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    Can confirm. Thought this may have just been an issue with mine since I was messing with the prefs file before updating, but Fire's keybinds were also reset.
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  3. GReaper

    GReaper Grumpy

    If this happens again, please upload launcher.log so we can see what's going on. Do this before loading the launcher again or you'll lose the log.

    I've added a fix which stops config.cs and observerconfig.cs from being deleted, it's released in version 0.6.8 of the launcher, which should protect anyone else when they update.

    As for your voicepacks being deleted - did you set them to read only? You must set any file which isn't in the list of protected files to read only. The new launcher deletes any crap which doesn't belong there. The alternative option is to package your voice pack as a zip in the root directory so you don't need to use the crappy hack.
  4. Mine were good except for a custom keybind for "minimum toss grenade" I like to have. That one always gets deleted.
  5. a20z07

    a20z07 Member

    just curious, but what's the utility in having a separate min toss keybind?
  6. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

    Boosting I'd say? Or close quarters duelling?
  7. Both. It registers faster for boosting and dueling and I screw up less because it releases on click down and not click up.