Highest CTF Score

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dimitryy, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Arch

    Arch Legions Developer


    Would have been over 9000 but the game wouldn't let me.
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  2. aus.hsp

    aus.hsp Private Tester

    *dance* you.
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  3. shaskie

    shaskie Guest

    *dance* you guys

    especially audio, give people a break in game once in a while
  4. Maxboyzzz

    Maxboyzzz Member

    *chocolate cookies* Score 9000!!! -_-
  5. Sin

    Sin Private Tester

    I think this is my best yet, rather impressive I thought considering the ping.

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  6. aus.hsp

    aus.hsp Private Tester

    You would have hit 1600 if it wasn't for I... Audio!
  7. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    Show a little heart, you didn't have to beat up a bunch of new players :)
  8. Voltage

    Voltage Puzzlemaster

    Just now, not better than my previous one, oh well.
    haha 1053.jpg
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  9. JedrekPl

    JedrekPl Member

    How you done it Arch :p
  10. Voltage

    Voltage Puzzlemaster

    Photoshop skills.
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  11. Arch

    Arch Legions Developer

    Naw, that's l3g17.
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  12. Belberith

    Belberith Legions Developer

    1412 points!.png
    Just got this :D
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  13. Sin

    Sin Private Tester

    The ol' llama and return trick. Well shoot, you fooled me. :rolleyes:
  14. Litzer

    Litzer Member


    beat 1772 the legit way and come talk to me bb
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  15. Freeman

    Freeman RAYTANG

    looks like audio couldnt stop you that time.
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  16. Dino

    Dino Member

    so you had paint and yet you screenshot :/ still good trick :D
  17. Crisis12096

    Crisis12096 Member


    Oh wait, it's the same one as before. He just posted it again to brag, why am I not surprised? It must be your signature Freeman.
  18. Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy Private Tester

    hsp 30 points too pro
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  19. aus.hsp

    aus.hsp Private Tester

    I tried :(