google buys for $1b

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fixious, May 19, 2014.

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    If only they bought Oculus too.

    Blast you Mark blasting Zuckerberg. Dangnabbit.
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    On one hand it could be awesome, YouTube has been trying to get into live streaming for a long time now...on the other hand, twitch is awesome as it is now, so the possibility of it getting worse...yeah we'll see where this goes...
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    Might be a good idea for GReaper to finally release GReapTV as an alternative for twitch while this new audio and timed releases controversy is going down.
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  7. Dino

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    Google can *dance* off, its gonna affect streamers a lot :/

    You can't play any music you want, only copyright free music :/
  8. 57thEnryu

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    censorship is only on vods, not live stream
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    Ah, well that's decent
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    edit: Confirmed.
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    I actually have something related to the topic to share... bookmark this...
    Maybe i'm a bit confused or can't remember so well but wasn't FishStix involved with
    I have an account there and can't remember why.. thought it might have been due to the fish link.
    Anyhow if you have a JTV account you can have it switched to twitch.
  12. Application-1

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    Justin tv is twitch if I recall correctly. Started as justin and saw that the gaming category was growing so made a exclusive website for stuff like that. That is how I remember it atleast.
  13. Fixious

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    Yes, FishStix is a employee (Director of Content Marketing).
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