Getting mad at your players during PuGs.

Discussion in 'Competition' started by Doomsify, Jul 12, 2015.

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    *Delete if there is something like this*

    Recently in some PuG games I have played I have experienced some teammates getting mad at me or other teammates for not playing up to their teammates standards or doing something wrong. I know everyone wants to win, but its PuGs, we are doing this for fun, thats why I thought this was brought back. And getting mad at your teammates makes them not want to play as good as they do. (i know ill get a lot of hate for this but idc) just have fun and play some PuGs, we are not playing this on a competitive level so relax. Just wanted to share this - Jokerlord

    And please try and get your call outs right. Its frusturating when cappers get mad at LO for not clearing cause they didnt let the LO know how long theyll be in.
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    Yeah, I know one or two people who are...vocal about their disappointments during a game. I generally groan when I see I'm put on the same team as them, but simply deal with it in the end. It was a lot worse a few years ago, which put me off to PUGs entirely for a while. Their constant complaints really add nothing to the situation but lower morale.

    I usually say 15 or 10 when doing routes, especially for larger maps. On something like Frost it's useless considering how small it is and how quickly cappers get from their base to the enemies. I thought about making a video showing the ETA during common map routes, since I know I'm off as well by a few seconds most of the time.
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    Yes, lots of people are always complaining for dumb things or viable reasons, that's part of the game and you must deal with it. Play pugs for fun and win/lose for fun, play at your maximum, do your job well and don't get frustated, and you will be more satisfy playing pugs with people.

    The problem LO vs capper is a common one and haters will say : "anyway, nobody knows how to play positions well" so I repeat, just do your best and communicate as you can, it's already a good manner to improve teamwork.
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    It's just some people take the game way to serious, like there life earnings come from this game, like we are just here to have fun and PuG. This isn't a league or anything, or isn't getting played competitive and has LAN events for it. All I'm trying to say is some people need to loosen up and have fun and not get mad at their players. Just tell them can you do this or that and they'll learn.
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    Out them and we'll tar and feather them.
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    Like are Void days? (;
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    I don't 100% agree with you! Ofc having players playing harshly, in a competitive way is difficult to play with but it keeps the game in a correct level. I'm the one who think we need all type of players to make an online game, including those who play too seriously.
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    I'm just saying, this community is too small for people to be getting mad in a PuG game, but everyone has their opinion and I respect yours.
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    Here you're entirely right.
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    lol just don't suck

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    I might be one of these grumpy people you guys are referring to and I apologize if I have come across negatively.

    But as a captain (or a teammate), it is quite frustrating having a silent chaser that doesn't call out incoming cappers to HOF or for E-grabs to LO. Or having a silent capper that doesn't call out their routes to LO or coordinate with other teammates for flag passes. Or have teammates not paying attention to where the flags are and what is generally happening (cappers going on routes when both flags are at either base, LO going to enemy base when both flags are at their base, defense not paying attention when teammates need a pass, etc. etc. etc.). None of these require much skill in the game, it just requires you to use your mic and pay attention to what is going on. I understand that sometimes we lose track of what is going on (even I do sometimes), but when I see this happening consistently with a particular player, I know it is not due to something out of their control. So yes, I try to point it out to them hoping that they will become better and help the team. PuGs are there to bring some semblance of teamwork and competitiveness to this game. Otherwise we might as well be playing pubs.
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    In fairness, you're loud when you talk normal so it wouldn't make a difference