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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mark198995, Sep 4, 2015.

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    I used to play this game back when instant action was still new and Rokkit Ball and Legions were my favorite games. I know there are still people that want to play this game but I think that we need to start promoting it and what other way then a facebook fan page. You could link the updates from the game to the forums on it let people know about upcoming updates and ask other people to promote it.

    The thing is that this game was very very popular but after Instantaction went down people stopped looking for it except for a select few like myself. Another Idea is to create a updated gameplay video trailer. Set a date and time that everyone can request off, we all log on into one server and a few if not all can capture there gameplay. We can then all make are own videos to upload onto youtube or send our files to someone so they could video edit the video or a main youtube account as well.

    If done right man I can see this game being as popular as League of Legends, or the PC versions of COD. Once you have the view on youtube u will be getting paid , and just like League of Legends you can have different skin colors that people could buy or customize there own or upload one and charge $1.

    These are some of my thoughts let me know what you think and what ways I could help.
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    Or I can just buy the *dancing* game.
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    I think legions has fan page
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    While we appreciate your suggestions, this is all stuff we have gone over before and it all boils down to our deal with IAC.
    There has been a few montage videos and Fire did a nice tutorial video for new players, which we did share on Facebook.

    Just as a heads up, we have a couple weekly PUG nights, (sat) where people do get quite active and there is usually 5 hours or so to play. You can also find a full pub now and then on weekdays around 8pm est but don't count on it.
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    well its good to know and sorry i didnt read all the forms of all that has been done to get more people to play.
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    You can probably promote the game on facebook, to do so, make some good a/f pages regarding games, or you can change some of your popular or existing facebook page name to the game name, and posting regarding content frequently to the game can help you out. After a while you can start come ad campaign as well on some of you best content of game page, that will surely reach out the game out there to the interested people.
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    Nice try Mark Zuckerbot 3000
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