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    I, Fireblasto, have decided to get this thread rolling again and start getting a much more organised picture of what Euro pickup games are like! So, I ask you rowdy lot to make sure you take a screenshot of every single pickup game we play.

    As I understand, these people still have access to this account:
    • Application-1
    • Xzanth
    • RiPTaCk
    • Solid
    • Battelstar
    • Dimitryy
    • Fireblasto
    • Disci
    • Ripper
    • Unleashed

    • Official List of Euro Pickup Players
    • Banned Players
    • The Record of the Old Pickup Games
    • The Record of the New Pickup Games
    • The Best of The Best Games
    Now, start taking those screenshots!

    ~ Fire
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    Name - Position/s - Clan

    A2 - Cap, LO - Spek​
    Alexexex - LD, Cap - Apo​
    Annihilate - HoF, Cap - In7​
    Application -1 - HoF, Cap, LD, HO - In7​
    ayuub - LO, LD - Spek​
    Avangarde/VengeanCe - LO - Spek​
    Badpox - LD, LO - Apo​
    Battelstar - LD, LO, Cap, HoF - In7​
    Bestking - LD, Chase, Cap - speK​
    Bethal - Chase, Cap - Spek​
    Binswees (inactive) - LD, LO​
    Boyzdef - LD​
    Braiken - LD, Snipe - ZG​
    Cobrac (American) - LO​
    Dabbleh - LD, Cap - 57th​
    Dark Ness (Inactive) - LD, Chase - Apo​
    DeadPixel - Cap - Spek​
    Devils_fist - LD, LO​
    Dimitryy - Cap, LD, LO - In7​
    Disci - Cap, LD, LO - FilliNu​
    Dino - Chase, Snipe, LO, Defence​
    Dobby - Cap, LO, LD - In7​
    Dominator - LO, Cap - Spek​
    Elder - Cap, Chase, LD - ZG​
    Elite_III - Cap, LO - lycans​
    Finesse - LD, Chase, Cap, LO - Apo​
    Fire (American) - All positions - tj​
    Fireblasto - LD, LO, Cap, Chase, Snipe - Spek​
    Frez - LO, LD​
    Gekkeman123 - LD, LO​
    Gheist (inactive) - LD - NULL​
    Greaper (inactive) - LD, LO - NULL​
    Guesstori (inactive) - HoF - ZG​
    HellzHere - Cap​
    Hill (inactive) - LO, Cap - 57th​
    Impatient (inactive) - LD - NULL​
    Jedrek/Jeddy/Sponge- Def, LO, Cap - The Fallen​
    Kasityolainen (inactive) - LD - NULL​
    KooLBeanS - LD, LO, Cap - ToA​
    Kotsmi - LD, Cap - ZG​
    Maniac - LO, LD, Cap​
    M90ali - LD, LO, Cap - Lycans​
    MariQo15 (Inactive)- LD,Chase,LO - Apo​
    mEgAsHiNe - LO,LD​
    MightySheep - LD​
    MJ1284 (inactive) - LD, LO​
    Nvidia (inactive) - Cap, LD - ZG​
    Oahra (inactive) - Cap, Chase - NULL​
    Oridog - LD, LO​
    Petrified (inactive) - Chase - .fi​
    Poiuyt580 - HoF, Cap​
    Propkid - LD​
    Pullute - Cap, LD, LO - In7​
    Pushi - ?​
    Pure (American)- LO, LD, Cap - OwA​
    Prototype (American) - Cap - OwA​
    Ripper - Cap, LO, LD - Apo​
    RiPTaCk - Cap, LD, Chase - In7​
    Robke - ? - NULL​
    Rock (American) - LO, Cap - tj​
    RockeyRex - LO​
    Rrosvo (inactive) - Chase, LD, LO - .fi​
    Sharps - LD, LO​
    Shisk - LD, LO - Apo​
    Solid - All Positions - In7​
    Starste - Cap - Apo​
    St3lth - Cap​
    stefygraff - HoF - 57th​
    Stubbsy - LD - Spek​
    TheDisaster - Cap, Chase - Spek​
    TheExorcist - LO, Cap - None​
    TheStrategist (American?)- LO​
    Tomstoiler (inactive) - HoF, LD, Snipe - In7​
    TOPSIIKRT (Inactive) - ? - .fi​
    Trooper - HO, HoF, Snipe - NULL​
    Twisted Demon (inactive) - Cap, LO - .fi​
    Ucantry2run (American) - Cap, Chase, HoF - Zeta​
    UltraRaptor (American?) - Cap​
    Unknown (American) - Cap​
    Unleashed - LD, LO, Chase - In7​
    Guts - LD, Cap - 57th​
    Vertex - HoF - 57th​
    Voltage- Cap, LO, LD- The Fallen​
    Xecuteur (inactive) - LD, Chase - In7​
    XtremeSpeed/Sawdust - LO - Apo​
    Xzanth (inactive) - Cap, LD, Chase - In7​



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    #1 16.02.2011, 20CET, Captains: Elder (Alpha), Guesstori (Beta) Map: Nivosus.
    Result 2-10, Screenshot:

    #2 16.02.2011, 21CET, captains: Application-1 (Alpha), RiPTaCk (Beta), Map: Frostbyte.
    Result 4-10, Screenshot:

    #3 17.02.2011, 20CET, Captains: Elder (Alpha), Application-1(Beta) Map: Zenith
    Players: RevGuesstori, Battelstar, Application-1, Dark_Ness, Dimitryy, Solid, Dobby, UnIeashed, Generation, Disci, RiPTaCk, m90ali, Sharps, KooLBeanS, Annihilate, RockeyRex
    Result: 6-3 Screenshot: No screenshot

    #4 17.02.2011, 21:00CET, Captains: Sharp(Alpha), Battelstar(Beta) Map: Core
    Players: TheStrategist...., Elder, MJ1284, Guesstori, Battelstar, Application-1, Dark_Ness, Dimitryy, Solid, Dobby, UnIeashed, Generation, disci, RiPTaCk, Sharp, Annihilate.
    Result: 10-2 Screenshot:

    #5 17.02.2011, 22:00CET, Captains: elder(Alpha), Battelstar(Beta) Map: Frostbyte
    Players: RevGuesstori, Battelstar, Dark_Ness, Dimitryy, Generation, disci, RiPTaCk, Annihilate , Unknown, Elder, cobrac, MJ1284, TheStrategist....
    Result: 3-10, Screenshot:

    #6 18.02.2011, 20:00CET, Captains: disci(Alpha), stefygraff(Beta) Map: Gorge
    Players: Tomstoiler, Generation, alexexex, Dimitryy, disci, Boyzdef, Dabbleh, Solid, pullute, Stefygraff, Dobby, Prairial, Application-1, up_ur_guts
    Result: 6-7, Screenshot:

    #7 18.02.2011, 21:00CET, Captains: pullute(Alpha), Dimitryy(Beta) Map: Frostbyte
    Players: Application-1, Tomstoiler, pullute, Sharp, Dobby, Starste, Pure, Solid, Dominator, Annihilate, ripper, up_ur_guts, Dimitryy, Stefygraff
    Result: 10-0, Screenshot:
    Comment: Solid got disconnects 2 times, up_ur_guts was afk or very laggy and Stefygraff got auto-shoot bug again ... also tom and pullute in one team sucks [​IMG], all in all a totaly failpug ....

    #8 18.02.2011, 21:50CET, Captains: Application-1(Alpha), Sharp(Beta) Map: Gorge
    Players: Tomstoiler, Solid, Dominator, Starste, Application-1, cobrac, Annihilate, Sharp, Dobby, pullute, Dimitryy, Unknown, Stefygraff, Pure
    Result: 3-10, Screenshot:
    Comment: Starste did not listen, He went O all the time while he was D stay wich left only 1 at D

    #9 18.02.2011, 22:30CET, Captains: Battelstar(Alpha) Stefygraff(Beta), Map: Frostbyte
    Players: Annihilate, Dimitryy, Battelstar, Stefygraff, Dobby, Starste, Dominator, m90ali, _Syn_, UltraRaptor
    Result: 8-6, Screenshot:
    Comment: Very, very good game [​IMG]

    #10 19.02.2011, 20:00CET, Captains: disci(Alpha) stefy(Beta), Map: Zenith
    Players: Petrified, CoLoR, Trooper, Syn, DarkNess, Dominator,Dimitryy, Dobby, disci, Greaper, Riptack, Application-1, PROTOTYPE, Unleashed, Propkid, TheExorcist, StefyGraff, RockeyRex
    Result: 4-5, Screenshot:

    #11 19.02.2011, 21:00CET, Captains: Unleashed(Alpha) Solid(Beta), Map: Gorge
    Players: Sharp, Solid, Trooper, Syn, DarkNess, dominate, Battelstar, Dimitryy, Dobby, disci, Greaper, Riptack, Application-1, PROTOTYPE, Unleashed, Propkid, TheExorcist, StefyGraff, RockeyRex, TheStrategist
    Result: 2-8, Screenshot:

    #12 19.02.2011, 21:40CET, Captains: Battelstar(Alpha) Fireblasto(Beta), Map: Frostbyte
    Players: Fireblasto, Sharp, Syn, DarkNess, Dominator, Battelstar, Dimitryy, Dobby, disci, Greaper, Riptack, Application-1, PROTOTYPE, Unleashed, Propkid, TheExorcist, StefyGraff, TheStrategist
    Result: 10/2, Screenshot:
    Comment: I totally failed at HoFing [​IMG]

    #13 19.02.2011, 22:30CET, Captains: Fireblasto(Alpha) Sharp(Beta), Map: Zenith
    Players: TheExorcist, Application-1, Fireblasto, Hill, PROTOTYPE, _Syn_, Battelstar, Unleashed, Dobby, Sharp, TheStrategist...., Dimitryy, Dominator, StefyGraff
    Result: 2/8, Screenshot:

    #14 20.02.2011, 21:20CET, Captains: Fireblasto(Alpha) Dimitryy(Beta), Map: Frostbyte
    Players: In7, Fireblasto, Dobby, Elder, gorton, shaska, PROTOTYPE, Generic
    Result: 0-10, Screenshot:
    Comment: It was a Mixed vs. In7, MJ frapsed
    Videolink from MJ:

    #15 21.02.2011, 20:00CET, Captains: disci(Alpha) Unleashed(Beta), Map: Frostbyte
    Players: Battelstar, Unleashed ,Nvidia,Dimitryy, Dominator, Syn, Dobby, pullute, as whole, lil maniac, TheExorcist, Skaska
    Result: 4-10, Screenshot:
    Comment: It was a 6 on 6 and a very nice game
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    PART 2

    #16 21.02.2011, 21:00CET, Captains: Braiken(Alpha) Battelstar(Beta), Map: Moonshine
    Players: Fire, Unleashed, Dimitryy, Annihilate, Braiken, Spart, Geckss, pullute, Skepsis, Dobby, ddd890, SynisterJay, Battelstar
    Result: 10-4, Screenshot:

    #17 21.02.2011, 22:00CET, Captains: Battelstar(Alpha) Unleashed(Beta), Map: Zenith
    Players: Dimitryy, Dobby, Syn, Battelstar, Geckss, Annihilate, StealhRG, pullute, ripper, Fire, WrapingSun , Unleashed, Chameleon, Topastra
    Result: 1-10, Screenshot:

    #18 25.02.2011, 20:00CET, Captains: Unleashed(Alpha) Stefy(Beta), Map: Frostbyte
    Players: Unleashed, as whole, Riptack, Sharp, Dimitryy, Battelstar, Dominator, ripper, TheExorcist, pullute, Solid, XtremeSpeed, StefyGraff, Dobby, Application-1, A2
    Result: 10-2, Screenshot:

    #19 25.02.2011, 21:00CET, Captains: Application-1(Alpha) A2(Beta), Map: Gorge
    Players: Unleashed, pullute, Geckss, Battelstar, Application-1, Dobby, Sharp, Elder, Riptack, Dabbleh, Dimitryy, Dominator, StefyGraff, ripper, A2
    Result: 10-3, Screenshot:

    #20 25.02.2011, 22:00CET, Captains: Geckss(Alpha) Sharp(Beta), Map: Frostbyte
    Players: Unleashed, pullute, Geckss, Battelstar, Application-1, Dobby, Elder, Riptack, Dimitryy, Pure,
    Result: 10-5, Screenshot:
    Comment: 6 vs. 4 all the time but we played very good and got atleast 5 caps [​IMG]

    #21 27.02.2011, 20:30CET, Captains: Elder(Alpha) Fireblasto(Beta), Map: Frostbyte
    Players: Unleashed, Tomstoiler, pullute, Elder, Dominator, TheExorcist, XtremeSpeed, Annihilate, Fireblasto, lil_maniac, Dobby, Dimitryy
    Result: 10-2, Screenshot:
    Tom and pullute in the same team again ...

    #22 27.02.2011, 21:30CET, Captains: Dimitryy(Alpha) Elder(Beta), Map: Nivosus
    Players: Tomstoiler, Battelstar, Annihilate, Dimitryy, Vampirik, Agoria, Unleashed, pullute, MightySheep, Elder, Dobby, Dabbleh
    Result: 3-10, Screenshot:

    #23 06.03.2011, 21:00CET, Captains: Dimitryy(Alpha) Disci(Beta), Map: Frostbyte
    Players: Unleashed, Battelstar, Disci, Starste, Dobby, MariQo, Tomstoiler, Riptack, Dimitryy, xzanth, Annihilate, pullute
    Result: 10-1, Screenshot:

    #24 06.02.2011, 22:00CET, Captains: Dimitryy(Alpha) Battelstar(Beta), Map: Zenith
    Players: Geckss, Fireblasto, Dobby, Application-1, Battelstar, MariQo, MultiColoured, pullute, Annihilate, Fire, Tomstoiler, Riptack, xzanth, Dimitryy
    Result: 10-1, Screenshot:
    Comment: Two GoodGames [​IMG], Fire subbed for In7 to get 7 players

    #25 08.03.2011, 20:00CET, Captains: Application-1(Alpha) Fireblasto(Beta), Map: Frostbyte
    Players: Geckss, Dobby, Application-1, MultiColoured, pullute, Tomstoiler, Fireblasto, Battelstar, A2, Zephyrus, Dark Ness, Solid
    Result: 10-9, Screenshot:
    Comment: Thanks for the screenshot A2 [​IMG]
    Videolinks by A2:Part 1:
    Part 2:

    #26 11.03.2011, 21:00CET, Captains: Battelstar(Alpha) Unleashed(Beta), Map: Zenith
    Players: pullute, Unleashed, Battelstar, Sharp, MultiColoured, Riptack, xzanth, Dobby, Annihilate, rock, Solid, Nvidia, KoolBeanS, OmniVan
    Result: 4-5, Screenshot:

    #27 11.03.2011, 22:00CET, Captains: Battelstar(Alpha) Nvidia(Beta), Map: Frostbyte
    Players: pullute, Dimitryy, Unleashed, Battelstar, Sharp, MultiColoured, Skepsis, Riptack, xzanth, Dobby, Annihilate, rock, Solid, Nvidia
    Result: 6-8, Screenshot:

    #28 12.03.2011, 21:30CET, Captains: stefygraff (Alpha) Application-1/Unleashed(Beta), Map: Frostbyte
    Players: Tomstoiler, Darklord, Dobby, xzanth, RiPTaCk, Solid, Petrified, pullute, Unleashed, steffy
    Result: 1-10 , Screenshot:
    Comment: Application-1 was captain but because people were not ready he had to leave because of the time.

    #29 19.03.2011, 20:40CET, Captains: pullute(Alpha) ripper(Beta), Map: Nivosus
    Result: 7-7, Screenshot:
    Comment: Mixed vs. Apo; Xtremespeed left earlier for Apo, so Apo had to play with one less at the end.

    #30 11.03.2011, 21:00CET, Captains: xx(Alpha) xx(Beta), Map: Gorge
    Result: 10-3, Screenshot:
    VIDEO BY A2:
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  6. Nvidia

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    ohai Riptack :D
    JedrekPl likes this.
  7. EU PUG-Player

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    Add any game here, that was one of the best. A match report here would be nice also.

  8. Propkid

    Propkid Member

    My position is completely correct- there's nothing that should be changed ;]
  9. EU PUG-Player

    EU PUG-Player New Member

    (I don't know the position of everone, and i wasn't sure about your favorite position Propkid, sorry about that. I still don't know it. [​IMG])
    If you know players who play pugs regulary and aren't added to the list add those by yourself (if you have access) or post them below.

  10. Nvidia

    Nvidia Member

    I don't think that Xecuteur still plays and i think RockyRex is LD but i'm not sure...
  11. A2

    A2 Member

    Oh yeah and you leave the good-guyme(Cap/D) out. :(
  12. EU PUG-Player

    EU PUG-Player New Member

    Will add you A2.
  13. Propkid

    Propkid Member

    If you didn't get what I meant earlier: my position is [Whatever]

    BTW: Sort the list alphabetically
  14. A2

    A2 Member

    Select * from Players
    Order by Player-Name;

  15. EU PUG-Player

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    Added 4 PUGs from today 18.02.2011 and Clans (they might be wrong).
  16. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

    Hmm... im confused
  17. EU PUG-Player

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    That wasnt the best game, we ( i -Don't say I, post your actual nick...) played 3 more US pugs (and everytime the team with more euros won :p, and Annie and me (Again) got picked first :D, they were way better than the euro pug).

    Someone asked elite to join 57th on ts3 yesterday, I thought he accepted ...

  18. Alex

    Alex Member

    THIS IS BULLSHIT!!....i always listen to the captain in PUGs tell'em stefy...some lilttle prick that i belive smurfs in-game as "dominate" put me on the unwanted list because we argued!! it's not freaking fair!

    LD-LO-chase btw!
  19. MightyDeath

    MightyDeath Member

    So Team-Killing is part of the game for you, I assume?
  20. HellzHere

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    Didn't know like 4/5 pugs happen a day...WOOW. I need to start joining these day I will :)