Early Preview Begins!

Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by BugsPray, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. BugsPray

    BugsPray Legions Developer

    View the blog post here.
  2. mario

    mario Member

  3. Good luck and have fun everyone!
  4. A2

    A2 Member

    W00t. Updating.
  5. Novaz

    Novaz Member

    I was a few days late on the Beta Testing application... </3.
  6. Kissyface_r0x

    Kissyface_r0x Private Tester

    hellzz yess. only got an hour or so before i head out with some friends but boyyy it will be quitee the hourr
  7. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

    Best Development Team ever! Great job!
  8. The Final Creeper

    The Final Creeper New Member

    And Here we GO!!!
  9. Lcam

    Lcam Member

    Username ore incorect password
    how long time the standar people have to wait
    : (
  10. Kissyface_r0x

    Kissyface_r0x Private Tester

    "a program caused the program to stop working" :(
    dont really have time to try to get it working, guess i'll have to wait till the mornin :/
  11. eldermimmmi

    eldermimmmi Member

    niiiiiiiiice one. but its rly unfair that ppl who didnt apply can't. even ronshytheking would be allowed to play if he did apply.
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  12. NeoSoul

    NeoSoul New Member

    :) <3 you guys
  13. Dacil

    Dacil Member

    YESSS congrats!!! have fun everyone!!
  14. Esuke-L

    Esuke-L Member

    Didn't sign up as didn't think i'd be around a capable comp with net enough to play but happy for all those who get to play now anyway!!!

    Shall join you when everyone else can play, ENJOY PEOPLE!!!
  15. theGOAT

    theGOAT Member

    yay im downloading thanks dev team you are the best after i belive more than 8 or even 9 months is finally back even for some time for the preview, im going to spend my next hours learning to ski again, should be really fun...
  16. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore Flatulent Cherub

    Damn that BugsPray for stealing my thunder!

    Seymour's off work in 4 hours, so there better be people ready to play with him!
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  17. theGOAT

    theGOAT Member

    omg i am playing its awesome

    but im getting owned i just remembered i sucked
  18. Society

    Society Member

    Omg i want to play so bad i missed by one day.
  19. Lcam

    Lcam Member

    When will be open to all in a week? or longer.
  20. pwood026

    pwood026 New Member


    Thanks, devs!
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