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    Just to remind you that we can't diagnose any network related problems unless you provide us with a traceroute, something which allows us to see if there are any problems with the connection from your computer to our game servers. Complaining about ping/lag issues on the forums without posting a traceroute of some sort is likely to result in absolutely nothing being done, because we've got no idea where the problem is.

    We recommend following these instructions if possible, other forms of traceroute may be considered acceptable if they provide enough data for us (Windows tracert certainly does not meet this requirement).

    Pingplotter Instructions
    • Download Pingplotter Freeware 1.30 (the link at the bottom of the page, don't download Standard/Pro), install it and run it.
    • Enter the address of the server you're having problems with:
      • - [US] Hotswap
      • xzanth.com - [UK] Empire
    • Set the Trace Delay to 1 second, Samples to include: 1000
    • Right click on the main window, enable all the options (Show Lost Packet Count, Show Avg/Min/Max Time, etc)
    • Click Trace!
    • Let it run for a minimum of 10 minutes, play the game as normal. If you don't encounter any problems then just keep it running until you do.
    • Click File | Save Image...
    • Upload the image to the forums as an attachment. Along with your post please include your location (city, state, country), your ISP and connection type (ADSL, cable?), your connection speed (upload and download), and if you're connected over wifi or a physical network card.
    Please include as much data as possible, missing out vital bits makes it more difficult to analyse.
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