Bring back Quarry.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by phanakapan, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. phanakapan

    phanakapan Private Tester

    yes I know its a horrible map for the most part, but is another map and I had some fun on that map. go!
  2. A2

    A2 Member

    I want.
  3. even if it's a bad map as you think, you can still play rabbit in it
  4. Abandoned

    Abandoned Member

    I never really played serious on that map, so I'm rooting for this (also I have only played this map few times back in IA).

    Could someone, in all seriousness, bring up a Pros & Cons of that map? (huge llama encouraging bowls like Stygian)

    JCARTEL Private Tester

    Yes please! At least bring it back when the map vote option is in place.
  6. don't let them llama, problem solved
  7. Immanent

    Immanent Member

    And a week after quarry comes back all of you will be complaining about how crap it was. *Sigh*
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    JCARTEL Private Tester

    NEVER!!! BQB -JC420
  9. that will probably be you
  10. BestCharmie

    BestCharmie Member

    I support for this.

    1. Decent cappers get to do fast routes = good for me.
    2. The map looks cool.
    3. It's shiny.
    4. I like the design
    5. It's shiny.

    1. Lots of llamas, due to the inability of new players to hold the right button with the space bar longer.
    2. Nade here is very abusive due to the height and locations possible (Pro for me).
    3. It's dark sometimes.
    4. Too dark.
    5. It's dark.
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  11. mausgang

    mausgang Puzzlemaster

    I thought it was a pretty solid map, actually. It had good setup runs for the chasers. One of the problems I had with it was the interior base thingie where the ammo boxes were. Usually, there would be a guy, usually a raider or a Sent that would camp down there and get easy kills, but I think the Mortar might be a solution to that.
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  12. Immanent

    Immanent Member

    First, i never said that I love or hate quarry and that it should be brought back. I don't even know why you quoted me because you JUST DONT MAKE SeNSE.
  13. that's the point of my quote
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  14. Fissurez

    Fissurez Puzzlemaster

    why is it Bring Quarry Back? i think BBQ would be much more memorable and fun.

    in all fairness though, it was not the best of maps in any way apart from the awesome jump pads in the bases.
  15. MJ1284

    MJ1284 Member

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  16. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    You really want this back? God save you people.
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  17. BeefThief

    BeefThief Beefy Member

    You forgot to mention that it's dark.
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  18. phanakapan

    phanakapan Private Tester

    its another map and we don't have enough variety. there are some neat and very fast cap routes and owning the top of the base made for some intense LO vs D action. it was bad for chasing and too dark, but sniping was really easy. I just want more maps...everyone bitched about blade run, but i love playing it every so often with enough people in the server. quarry can provide good games too.
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  19. Libra

    Libra Member

    BRING BACK QUARRY operation BBQ is a go LEITS DEWIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  20. 57thRomance

    57thRomance Member

    I miss the good ol' sniping days of Quarry as well. Why not give it another chance?
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