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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Novaz, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Novaz

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    I know some people have brought this up before but I didn't see it in the Suggestions forum, so I thought I'd mention it! It's basically what the title is ;; will there be an assist column? I know there's not much point to it, but it'd be kinda neat.
  2. SeymourGore

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    Argh? Maybe Seymour's too tired to fully understand you, but what kind of 'assist' are you describing?
  3. Novaz

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    I'll try and give an example...
    Say you're dueling someone or whatever, and someone comes in, takes the last hit and gets the point for the kill. You should be awarded an assist point since you did most of the work. But this assist point should be awarded if you land a hit within 10 seconds of the targets death (in my opinion). I know that kills don't matter that much in CTF, but it'd still be a neat stat to watch.
  4. aus.hsp

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    I think he means, so that if someone tries to kill steal - and they succeed - you still get some credit for it :p
    Aussie Analogy:
    In soccer, someone sets up a goal, his teammate does a trick and scores the goal instead, the other player is awarded a goal assist :D lol i iz noob
  5. Novaz

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    Actually that's a great reference. Sports is a good way to think of it.
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  6. NightHawk043

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    This is something similar to what's in the BattleField series.

    I quite like the idea.

    What I'd suggest is that if someone kill steals off you (i.e. you've dealt say, 70% of the damage, and last dealt damage on the person in the last 10 seconds, and someone comes in and gets the final shot), you get Half a point. Now, the game doesn't necessarily have to display the half points, it just has to count them. This way, if someone else kill-steals Twice, you get One point. I don't think you should still get the full points, as it's partially your fault for not landing the final blow, but I'd still like some kind of "compensation" for time spent whittling down their health.

    I'd also like to see a similar kind of thing with Flag captures. If one player steals the flag, and holds it for 80% or more of the time, (i.e. there's a standoff, or they throw the flag the last little bit to their base), and then someone else grabs the flag (in the case of the standoff, say the player dies a few moments before their flag is returned, and a teammate picks up the flag) and then caps it, the player who did most of the work should still get some kind of Capture Assist. Once again, I'd suggest half a point, so If it's a tactic, the player can still have some points to say he was actually doing something useful there.
    In reference to the Capture assist, when I'm talking about points, I'm Only meaning Personal points, not team points. It would be ridiculous if one team got 1.5 cap points for each cap.
  7. Novaz

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    I like the first half. The second half, this is kinda my bias opinion. But I feel like it's a little more difficult capping alone. You need the help of other team members on defense at that moment. 90% of the time you're getting chased, shot at, you'll lose the flag. There will always be a chance of you randomly getting hit and dying, so passing the flag is a priority for capping.
  8. NightHawk043

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    What I'm trying to say, is if the play is using a tactic where they grab the flag, fly back close to their base, throw to HoF, HoF moves last 2m and caps, rinse repeat, The player who was going to the trouble of grabbing the flag and doing 90% of the work, should reap some kind of benefit, rather than walk around with a 0 score. (Remembering that kills and cap scores are listed separately)
  9. Novaz

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    But the point of the game is to actually Capture the flag, doesn't matter about who last time I checked. The person who went through the trouble to get the flag, by passing it to the HoF (if there is one) is ensuring a point. But the person who gets the flag is being acknowledged by the other players for earning the team a point. It's kinda selfish to want it all for yourself :p.
  10. NightHawk043

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    Novaz I understand what you are getting at, but you mustn't have read my post properly. The HoF still get's the full point. All I'm saying is that the capper should get some point recognition (hence the Half points).

    It's like in Team Death match.
    It doesn't actually matter who on your team gets the points, but if one player does 90% of the work for every kill, then another player comes up and finishes the guy off every time, then the first player would get no recognition. Sure, the people who were paying attention would Know that the player did 90% of the work, but I still think most people would like some points as recognition. I'm not sure how you're saying it's different between caps and kills.
  11. Novaz

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    I see what you're saying and I agree with it. (This might contradict what I said in my last post). But the player should get the point, I just feel that kills get stolen a lot more, because they happen much more than ten times a game. And a lot of the time, the game doesn't even end with someone scoring ten points, it ends with time running out (if teams are balanced). But kill stealing happens every minute of the game.
  12. mausgang

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    Nighthawk, I think you've got a good idea there. Recognition is great for the people who do the hard work (the majority of the capping process without getting the final goal accomplished.) While the primary goal of the game is to cap the flag, I would appreciate some sort of recognition for doing a lot of the work if somebody else gets the point.
  13. Mhi200

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    In S8, along with kill records, it also keeps an overall score. Everything counts towards it, kills, caps, returns, etc. (Suicides are a - too, but I don't think that would work well in legions)
    While you would get 0 kills if you were being ksed, you would still get 4/5 points for the assist. This also happens with capping (or equivalent), while the person who actually completes the cap gets the only cap point, all people within proximity of said person/capped object would get a percentage of the total point score received for the cap, based off how long they were close by (so if you were tailing the flag holder the whole time, you would get the same score as them, but if the HoF grabs at the last second and caps, they would only get a small portion of the points)

    With some tweaking I think this could be applied well to legions.
  14. Buhlitz

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    I'd much rather the game score you for skill moves. Mid Airs, consecutive kills, assists, grabs, caps, consecutive caps, enemy proximity+ returns, did you wreck 4 players return the flag, grab a flag, take it home and cap. Imo, it should be worth something. A rank, a stat, a score, a point something. Encourage teamwork by giving it more meaning and incentive than just wanting to get better or winning.
  15. Gheist

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    Little memory refresh: Those stats included kill assists as well as flag assists.
  16. tofuman64

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    leejunz deprivation is robbing us of our memory.
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  17. Dabbleh

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    Well, maybe in Deathmatch, but in CTF it would just distract players from the main objective.
  18. CapnSlaps

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    Newbies are going to be concentrating on kills whether there are assitsts or not, so I think it's a good idea for all gametypes. Think about it, your chasing someone with the flag along with a teamate, you deal 80% of the damage and he gets the kill, you should recieve credit for that! It's unfair not to!
  19. Novaz

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    Maybe it's just me, but some of the more selfish players in Legions will only play for a higher rank if we do come out with ranks at all... And forget the actual point of the game.
  20. Gheist

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    Guys, I'm really getting angry here. Read my post above. You'll most likely have those stats, just like you already had them before. You suggested assist stats, the official answer was posted above.
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