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    The purpose of this thread is not to in any way make an attempt at eliminating smurfing. It is to create a somewhat of a 'community database' so that basically everyone knows who is who.

    Search the thread manually to find your smurflets.
    If you feel like it, post your own and others' smurf or alias nicknames.

    If you want your smurfs to remain secret... well once it's posted in this thread then it's pretty much too late anyway.

    Also, this is not a race (I'm talking to you Arma :p).

    Linked Smurfs (hopefully alphabetically)

    A2_ = _A2

    Application-1 = EmotionBot & PlanetsCollide & Chameleon & TheAlchemist & PencilSharper

    Arch = Rebecca Black & Ogre & _mass & Haptic & d vice & Device & bamf.

    Armageddon = Chest Rockwell & RandomHero & FriendlyStranger & Omnigeddon (derp) & Buff Wellington & AcePro777

    Badpox = Isuck & Marf

    Barend = radiofriendly

    BestCharmie = SadFaik

    BestKing = Mr.Flame

    Braiken = Qaenas & Penumbra

    ColoredSpades = Fanfare

    cro_gamer = Pushi

    Curser656 = Septagram

    Debbie Downer = BLS

    Delph = Pollux & Itchycondomz

    Disci = uub & morcheeba & bonobo & SEAGAL & dickzi & dickiz & ukS.Dickzi & tribesvet
    & vzuvzzvza & rinkadink

    DKnight556 = Anchorman_Fred

    Dominator = PowerHouse & CiNdY

    eldermimmmi = Elder

    Fahrenheit451 = 451

    Freeman556 = hobbes & queen

    Gekkeman123 = XSkyzer

    Gravis = David Hasslehof

    havocblitz = .havoc

    Heartsong = OmniBast & OmniClutch & OrneryOsprey & Osprey

    Immanent = Aimbot

    Jordahan = Butthead & Calvin & Bro Job

    lil_maniac = Multicoloured & FluffyBunny

    MariQo15 = Generation

    Maxboyzzz = Red Mist

    MegaMite = Zenith

    MightyDeath = Unleashed & Plankie (TS only)

    Nept = Lilith

    Pat22rick = coolniel & .bolt. & energy & cheese & .BOLT

    poiuyt580 = Justin Bieber

    Propkid = Xaero & Impossibru & Prop & Abracadavre & Mr. Prop

    _pullute = talon & DeutscheBahn

    PuppyGuard = RedInk

    PurePr0vOkaTiOn = Julez260

    RevGuesstori = Guesstori

    ripperthedipper = ripper & dominate & commander

    SashaFromRussia = Kim

    ShadowOnTheSun = TomStoiler

    _shaska = Vesper & black & asian & whitey & blue & East Asia & Mordecai & Skream & eien & Hulihudu & Smush

    Skepsis = Peroxide & Ominous & Hopalong

    sme123josh = Josh

    Solid = 1337NQQB & DevilsGuardian & CrystalRain & BeautifulHorizon & Crescent Sun & SexyBeast & eRyx. & iJustRelax

    Starste = RiPHaCK & Geckss

    stefygraff = 57th.stefygraff

    St3lth = Armada & Veggie & Prodigy

    SunKissedMan = Dino & ChingChongChina & DNME.JUDGE

    TriX = Sipprell & Lolobear

    U8er = 7ofBoob & Boober & Robofish & Captain Lameway

    UtadaHikaru = Hobo

    VinzyBoy23 = Azer & AzeriX & Impact

    Vybez = Chris Brown & WakaFlockaFlame & PrinceOfTroll & SynistaJay & finesse & No.1.BlackGuyy & CristianoRonaldo

    WhoopAss = UltraRaptor & PureWhoopAss & PWA & [PWA]100%

    w00tyou = MetalHaus

    Xciting = Fox

    XtremeSpeed = Xpander & Scourge & Lisztomania & POTATOSALAD & UwishUnewMe
    & GettaLife & Usux & Concord & Sawdust

    xSociety = Tune

    57thEnryu= RDNK_Jedi

    SeymourGore = Seyjet & Void_Gore

    Suspected Smurfs

    Pullute (???)​
    Skrillex (Skepsis / Strife)
    Dubstep.Kado (Strife?)
    Gheist has a topsecret smurf he doesn't wanna share.
    MariQo is playing the game once in a while, always a new smurf (I know)
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    -space reserved- just in case
  3. If people smurf, they are doing it for a reason, and they will tell you if they want you to know.
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  4. Freeman

    Freeman RAYTANG

    On topic: I smurf as hobbes and queen. Lets try to keep this thread on topic, its starting to turn into more of a debate of whether or not smurfing is okay.

    Players that smurf for the sole reason of griefing will suffer the consequences. One of the perks of having a dev team that cares for its community.
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  5. SeymourGore

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    Argh! Try to stay on topic. Yes, there had been a previous thread about smurfing that went downhill, but remember this thread's not about discussing if smurfing is okay or not.

    Mind you, with the constant pruning that's been going on in here, it might be heading for the Thread Graveyard alongside its predecessor!
  6. Xtreme

    Xtreme shaska's bff

    Smurftastic! I've made several accounts including POTATOSALAD, UwishUnewMe, GettaLife, Usux.
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  7. MightyDeath

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    You forgot TheAlchemist and Chameleon1 on Application-1 :p
  8. Propkid

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    I already see a future problem with this thread... there won't be any difference between people joking and people posting their actual smurf accounts :eek:
  9. Where do you want this thread to be going to? It looks as if you want to make a thread about people who currently have another name as they had on IA, but on the contrary you make a thread about detecting smurfs.

    I'll say it again, some people smurf for obvious reasons and dont want everyone to know who they are.
  10. Propkid

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    Make a separate thread! Stop sabotaging this (and delete that post). Then I might just care and respond/discuss
  11. eldermimmmi

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    starste is italian and riptack is from luxemburg :D

    Old account - new account:
    cro_gamer - Pushi
    stefygraff - Flash
    eldermimmmi - Elder
    Braiken - Qaenas
    pullute - talon, _pullute
    ??? - Pullute
    Barend - radiofriendly
    sme123josh - Josh
    MightyDeath - Unleashed
  12. Propkid

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    i mean

  13. Braiken

    Braiken Member

    Penumbra=Braiken and Qaenas wont be coming back :( Also RiPHaCK is Starste, and Geckss is Starste too
  14. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    Generation = MariQo15

    I KNEW IT.
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  15. UtadaHikaru

    UtadaHikaru Member

    I knew Hobbes was too good to be a new player!

    UtadaHikaru = Hobo
  16. Jordahan

    Jordahan World Leader of The 21st Century

    I smurf as Butthead, Calvin, and Bro Job mainly, I smurfed as some other ones for a couple days here and there.
  17. You are too slow fireblasto :p
  18. A2

    A2 Member

    A2_ = _A2

    Best smurf names evar.
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  19. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

    im no more Flash, gave that name to a friend of mine " -Flash-" currently i smurf as 57th.stefygraff
  20. mario

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    XtremeSpeed has more smurfs -.- dunno why,
    smthg like Xpander, Hachi and mAny more. :D