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    Mods *New*
    Long Term Stats (Fallen Development) -Currently in progress, click to see the dev journal! *New Update 05/12/11*
    Fissurez Chainscript V0.1- Collaboration with Fissurez! Quickswitch for chain.
    FlagTimer V0.7 - Times your cap time.
    Side HUD Pieces V0.5 - Add HUD pieces to the side of your screen.
    KillSounds V1.1 - Kill streak sounds!

    Modloader V1.2 - Installs popular mods
    3z Ret Installer V1.1 - Quickly install and switch between ret sets
    Voice Pack Creator V1.1 BETA - Make a voice pack using this tool.

    How to make a voice pack MANUALLY
    Suggest Mods Here

    To Do List/Ideas
    Legions Mod Cheat sheet
    3z Modding framework - Idea added to LTS.
    Modloader ingame?
    Update modloader, allow auto install mods from forums, if published
    HUDloader - Ingame?
    Tribes Jumpy script (Unlikely, feel free to do)
    Ret change on sniper zoom

    Currently Working On
    Long term stats

    Mods Not Working?
    Send me a PM on the forum

    Installers Not working?
    Download the latest version .NET!
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    This should be sticky.;)

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  3. try to add this
    "If you don't have the latest version of .net framework don't try to install the programs. "
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    Brilliant ;)
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    Good for newbies.

    You link to manual creation of voice packs is wrong :p
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    :D I like the little Side peices.
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