1.40 Patch is Live

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  1. AgGeorge

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    what i do?
  2. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    You bumped this thread, making Pure think there was an update.

    As for the missing flag, it's a mystery. It wasn't intentionally removed. I still miss seeing it, but the Flag Alert script helps.
  3. AgGeorge

    AgGeorge New Member

    Sorry Ive been with legions for a while but haven't bothered to look at the forums till lately so im just noobing it up now, and thanks for the script by the way i was wondering where you implemented it when i seen your videos_ I joined the forums in hopes of contributing some texture or models but i seen the late news about the dev team_ great vids by the way fix
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  4. Armageddon

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    *chocolate cookies*.. i just realized it's missing after reading that..
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  5. I too have been away and am now nubbing things up. Glad to see some old names and this game is still kicking..
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